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Fifth Grade Supplies

Sturdy book bag - (without wheels)
8- Marble Composition Notebooks  
6- Plastic/vinyl two Pocket Folders
Pencil Pouch (No Boxes)
#2 Pencils (No mechanical pencils, because they become a distraction.)
8- packs notebook Paper
2- 8 Count Boxes of Crayons
1- box of colored pencils (Math-only)
8- glue sticks
2- Highlighters
1- Package of multi-purpose Paper
1- pair of earbuds

***Please remember that paper and pencils will need to be replenished throughout the school year.  Please check with your child often to make sure they still have plenty of supplies for class. 

***All highlighters, earbuds and crayons will be collected and distributed as students need them for classroom use.

Wish List Items: If you could contribute any of the following items to the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated.

dry erase markers 
Snack Size, Quart, and Gallon Zip Lock Bags
Paper Towels
Notebook paper
printer paper
Wireless mouse