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Kindergarten Supply List

Your child will need to bring the following items to school as soon as possible:

*1 Regular size book bag (no rollers)
*1 Soft zipper pencil pouch
*1 Pack of 8 count washable markers
*1 Fiskars student scissors
*2 Packs of regular-ruled notebook paper
*3 Two pocket folders
*3 Packs of crayons
*6 One subject regular-ruled notebook
*4 Glue sticks
*1 Pack of pencils
*1 Pack of erasers (big pink pearl)
*1 Box of Ziploc bags (sandwich and gallon sized)
*A change of clothes (top, bottom, socks, underwear) in a labeled plastic bag

The following items are items that we will need throughout the year and we ask that you donate some of the items listed:
*Paper Towels
*Computer Paper
*Baby wipes
*Individually wrapped treats
*Snack food items
*Extra glue sticks, pencils, erasers, Ziploc bags, crayons
*Any items that you think may be helpful for our students

Please have these items available to your child at home throughout the entire school year to complete homework and projects:
*Glue sticks
*Notebook paper