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Gina Riano Staff Photo
Ms.  Gina  Riano
Kindergarten Teacher- Spanish Immersion
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Preschool Teacher from San Buenaventura University 

Childhood Development Sabana University

Classroom Projects Sabana University 


Hello  my name is Gina Riaño and I will  have  the pleasure to teach   Wells 

kids this year, I am from Bogota, Colombia, I studied Pre School Education at San

Buenaventura University, I have been taking many different classes,  courses and

conferences about childhood education in Bogota in universities like Sabana, Andes.   

I have been teaching since 2003 in my country but here in Wilson since 2013, this is

my 3rd year as a spanish teacher in the US, I am so happy to be part of this great

program, and I am so excited to be here at Wells.

This is going to be a great  journey full of new experiences and

new learning.